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How to Escape the Monotony of Work Life

September 05, 2021

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Every now and then I start feeling like I'm stuck in the rat race.

I start procrastinating on getting out of bed in the morning for as long as I can, only to end up leaving the house way too late, running to work and feeling guilty about it.

I tell myself it's because, as a millennial, I wasn't made for the rat race and crave a more independent type of work and a more flexible schedule. I often think that I won't be happy until I can be my own boss.

This in turn makes me start dreaming of being financially independent and being able to get out of the rat race to have my own business or do whatever I want.

But financial independence can't be reached in a couple of days so I end up dragging myself, letting the weeks pass until the next holiday where I can have a bit of an escape. 

If you're reading this, it's likely that you are feeling this way and are looking for ways to change up your routine and feel refreshed and motivated again...

So, what's the trick to escape this state of mind?

If you're feeling like this, you really need to hit the reset button and make some changes in your mindset and to your routine to make sure you feel the sparks again.

Here are the most effective things you can do to get out of that funk!


Woman sleeping

Often, when we're feeling unmotivated, we'll start sleeping late and sleeping in in the morning, only to be constantly late and run out of the house!

In my case, I tend to start staying awake until late because I'm trying to pack the evening with the most enjoyment or productivity I can so I can feel like the day wasn't stolen from me by my job and work routine.

The problem is that sleep deprivation and being late every day starts making you feel even worse, which is why you've got to recognize that you're doing it and reset your sleep schedule ASAP.

If you go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, you'll feel more energized and less stressed because you won't be running out of the house.

That's halfway to feeling better and more motivated!


Woman scrolling on her phone in bed

This is about the biggest mistake you can make! 

I inadvertently started doing this during lockdown because I was working from home and wasn't stressed about getting ready and rushing to leave the house and I could spare a few minutes to read the news, check on social media, etc.

However, when the time came to go back to work, I was already used to doing this and it started to become a way to avoid getting out of bed because I was sleepy or didn't feel like getting out of bed and facing my daily routine.

If you're doing this, I highly recommend you pull the plug on it immediately!

Any form of procrastination to get out of bed is usually not very good because it'll make you dread everything even more, besides making you become late, but scrolling on your phone might be the worst way to procrastinate because it'll make you lose track of time very easily and you get into that numb mood instead of feeling energized and ready to go.

So it's better to just rip the band aid and get up right away!


woman doing yoga and being interrupted by her cute dog wanting to play

Whether you prepare a special breakfast, do some yoga, go on an early hike with a friend or practice a hobby, the important thing is that you try to reclaim your free time.

That way, you'll feel like you're in control of your time and that you can actually have time for some fun! 

It doesn't hurt that you'll start your day on a positive and refreshing note, furthering those energized vibes you already got from becoming an earlier bird.


working woman sitting on a park bench reading and eating

Breaks exist because people aren't robots. We need to eat, go to the bathroom, have some unfocused time to be able to refill your productivity levels,...

Try to use your lunch break to get out of the work environment so you can come back refreshed.

Go take a walk in the sun, sit in a park and read a book or have lunch with a friend or colleague every now and then!

You'll come back feeling like you managed to include some fun and distraction in the middle of your work day - trust me! The rest of the day will go by faster and you'll go home feeling a hundred times better.


Journal with title 'my secret plan to rule the world' on cover

Monotony can also happen if you're feeling like you want to advance in your career or that you need a change.

If this is the case, it really helps to make a career plan - like a 5-year plan or something similar - so you know you're working towards something and you can keep yourself on track.

If your dream is to achieve financial independence and/or eventually becoming your own boss, then making a realistic and achievable plan towards those goals is also really helpful - trace a path towards those goals and believe they are possible. 

That way, you'll have an actionable roadmap towards your goals and you'll know that every step you're taking is getting you closer to your dream life.


calligraphy on paper - with phrase 'without a struggle there can be no progress'

If you're unmotivated at work and feeling stuck in your current role or job, then you might want to think about trying something different.

Volunteer for tasks that might be out of your comfort zone, consider learning some new skill or talk to your manager and request more responsibility or to try new things.

Getting out of your comfort zone is usually the easiest way towards growth and the fact that you took that risk will definitely make you feel more powerful and it might even open new opportunities for you!


paper with calligraphy saying 'choose to shine'

Very often, when I start feeling frustrated about my daily work routine, I end up overthinking. 

Work takes up a lot of our time so it's normal to become tired of your routine every now and then. 

When that happens, it's easy to start associating work with something negative and start getting triggered by little things.

Try to notice when you're becoming easily triggered and tackle that issue. Figure out what is causing you to be negative or tired and implement change - can you do something to make your daily life feel refreshing? 

You can try to change up your routine a little (change your commute, your time to wake up, what you before or after work or during breaks,...) or simply take a vacation!

But most of all, the most beneficial thing to do is to notice when you're starting to feel frustrated and really analyze if it was that big of a deal or if you're just snowballing everything. Most things are not that big of a deal but we make it so.


light box with phrase 'time for change'

If you're really not happy at work, it might really be time to take a leap and find a new job, change to a new career path or to finally start your own business!

If you think it really is the best thing for you, then you have to be brave and take that step. Your future, happier self will most likely thank you and wish you'd done it sooner!

That's it - my top tips to deal with those feelings of frustration that can bubble up from time to time and make us crave the end of a monotonous work life!

Do you have any other tips that can help hit the reset button and get back to feeling motivated?

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