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Create your Dream Life

Do you struggle to balance your career goals with your ideal personal life?
Trying to find your path to success without succumbing to the daily grind?

You don't have to trade all your time for money - there is a better way!

Welcome to This is The Life!

Your guide to creating the life you always envisioned.

As a millenial, I've always dreamed about being a successful career-woman but I refuse to accept that building a successful career is incompatible with creating a balanced life for yourself.

I created This is the Life! to share with you all that I've learned and how I'm forging my path towards a career that fits my vision for my life.

So what is the secret?

The key to living your best life is all about balance. You can't be fully happy if you don't prioritize your needs and don't have the energy (or time) for anything else besides work. You will always feel like you're running around without ever being able to do everything - it is the so called 'rat race'. 

Take control of your life!

On This is the Life! you can learn:
    -     How to create a balanced life for yourself
    -     How to stay motivated and keep improving yourself and your life
    -     How to navigate the career world and make your own plan towards success
    -     How to make and manage money to reach financial independence.

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