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10 plans you should make time for

January 05, 2016

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1. Be a tourist in your own city

Nowadays, it's usually very true what people say about tourists knowing a town better than the people who live in it.

We often know all the monuments in our city and have heard all about them, but we probably haven't visited a lot of them because we tend to think they're for tourists.

If you can relate to this, why not make plans and go to these places?

Being a tourist in our own city is something all of us should do. Sometimes those places are even free if it's your hometown or if you go on a certain day of the week.

Enjoy the tour!

2. Host a dinner-party

Young people these days don't have as many dinner-parties as there used to be.

Maybe most of us can't cook that well, or we still live with our parents, or maybe we'd just rather go out and go to a bar.

But dinner parties can make for a fun evening with friends, as well.

It is a cheap way to gather your friends, as you don't have to eat out and everyone can bring something.

You also avoid the hustle of the full and noisy restaurants where you can never get a table.

And it's a good option for a rainy evening when going out is just not that appealing.

3. Go on a weekend get-away

If your holidays aren't coming up any time soon and you need to recharge your batteries, why not take a weekend road trip to somewhere relatively close?

It's a great get-away plan and you can have the added bonus of staying some place you've never been to.

Alternatively, why not buy a last-minute low-cost flight somewhere for the weekend?

Spontaneity equals fun here!

4. Have a picnic

It's all about breaking the routine!

One thing you can do when you have a free afternoon or during the weekend is get some take-out (or you can make some food at home, as well) and drive somewhere like the coastline or a park and have a picnic.

It's great to be outdoors and doing something different is always fun.

All in all, it's a breath of fresh air!

5. Read a book

Reading is essential to keep our brain functioning healthily.

Even if you can just squeeze in some time before bed to pick up a book, do it.

It's a great way to unwind before going to bed (and avoid the tech stuff) and reading a good book can be a very enjoyable experience.

6. Try out a new recipe every now and again

Home-made meals are really important, if you want to be healthy and to avoid eating junk food all week.

But if you can only make two or three dishes, you won't be too excited about it. Search for recipes and try them out.

If you like them, master them and add them to your personal recipe book!

7. Have a relaxing bath

If you have a bath-tub, why not use those exhausted evenings to draw yourself a bubble bath and just enjoy the relaxation with a movie or a book?

8. Do a workshop on a skill you want to learn

If you're trying to get into a hobby that involves some kind of skill learning, then why not enroll yourself in a workshop?

Go with a friend if you want and you'll have a different and interesting day!

9. Start a blog!

If there's something you want to share and you've always wanted to try blogging, now's the time to do it!

Take an afternoon to set everything up.

It's a new year and we've embraced that everything is possible and we are going to enjoy life to the fullest starting now - just do it!

10. Start a challenge!

A challenge could become a hobby and it's something to focus on when you have some time off.

It could be something like a collection of something you like or a milestone you want to achieve.

Whatever you choose, it can make your life more interesting and you can have some fun trying to finish your challenge!

Remember, the key is to enjoy yourself a little more!

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