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How to Stay Motivated to Achieve your Life Goals

February 28, 2021

Image of a motivational candle that says 'Have a Dream'

Do you get discouraged and quit your goals quickly?

Want to know how to keep yourself motivated?

There are many tricks you can use to hack your self-motivation and make sure you don't waiver. 

In this guide, you will learn some of the most effective ways to hit reset and reconfigure the way you approach your goals. 

But why is it so tricky to stay motivated?

Winston Churchill once said:

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."

I think he hit the nail on the head with this one. For most people, success (the realization of your dreams and goals) can only be achieved if you are disciplined enough to keep working on your goals and to not discourage in the face of adversity. 

Mistakes and failures can bring us down easily. However, they are essential in our path towards success, because that is how we learn. Nobody can achieve success by quitting when faced with difficulties - it is as they say, if you quit you will definitely lose.

So the only way to achieve your goals is to not lose your drive and to take your mistakes and failures as lessons and as tiny successes - because if you try something and fail, you will for sure have learned a ton. And if you learn at least one thing, my friend, you have already advanced!

This is easier said than done. It can be a challenge to stay positive and focused on your goals. 

A lot of people end up in a cycle of procrastination or they just become conformed because they are afraid of getting out of their comfort zone and facing failure.

But if you're here, you probably want to live your best life. And that involves working on your self-motivation skills. 

Well, I'm here to tell you that you can! 

Here's how to ensure that you stay motivated:

1. Put things into perspective

image with quote: "it might be stormy now but it can't rain forever"

Sometimes, it's easy for us to see things as huge problems that we can't overcome when they're really not.

Think about all the thinks that you have to be grateful of in life: if you're healthy, you have good people around you and you're not facing considerable financial difficulties, chances are it's not that big of a deal.

I'm not saying it's not valid to attribute importance to other things as well but sometimes we need to put things into perspective and realize that a setback can be just that!

It probably means that things just weren't meant to happen right now or as fast as you hoped. Maybe you still have some things to learn along the way until it is the right time for your hopes and dreams to come true!

2. It's about the journey

vector art with phrase "enjoy the little things"

Try to remember that you are human. Human nature usually dictates that when we achieve something, soon enough, we're going to feel like we need to get something new to strive for. 

So if you're desperate to achieve something really fast and you think that if you just achieve it, you're finally going to be happy and everything in the world will be just right, you're probably going to be disappointed...

Life is about the journey, the learning opportunities, the people you meet along the way, the experiences you have while building your path...

Try to enjoy it and make time for other things in life because your goals can become toxic if you become so obsessed with them that they rule your life.

3.  Be disciplined

Mirror with post-it notes stuck on it with motivational reminders

Yes, discipline... It can be very difficult to master this skill but it is probably the core of self-motivation - it is the force that drives you to keep going. 

Discipline (with a little bit of courage on top) is required to make sure you can fight through the lows and stay firm. 

Fortunately, discipline can be mastered too! All you need to do is believe that your sacrifices are for the greater good - they will lead you towards your goals.

If you think it might help to stay accountable, you can place some reminders of why you're pursuing those goals around the house - write it on a post it, hang some inspiring quotes or some images that remind you that your dreams are worth it!

4. Ignore the non-believers

text "believe in yourself"
Other people aren't you. Each person has their own goals, their own skills and virtues. 

Listening to someone tell you that you can't do something or that it is impossible is the absolute worst. That is why people often say you shouldn't share your goals with others because they will just find a way to ruin things for you.

Of course other people's opinions might be valuable and give you some insights. But if you're feeling excited about something and you're not at a place where you can hear someone just say your plans are a bad idea, just ignore it (or don't share it just yet). 

If you do happen to hear that, take it into account but don't let it discourage you. Instead, try to learn more about the obstacles or negative aspects people talk about and how you could avoid them or overcome them if you are faced with them.

5. Reward yourself 

lady taking a bath and reading a book, engaging in self-care

Make sure to set up some kind of a reward system for yourself and give yourself a prize for the improvements and advances you make!

Even if it seems like a minor thing, remember that the goal here is to make you feel good about your achievements and mark that moment so that you can stay motivated.

Write down a list of things that you want to do or buy for yourself but you haven't because you think it's a little frivolous or it's a guilty pleasure of yours and award them to yourself when you achieve something or finish a task - e.g. get a massage or have a bubble bath when you get a promotion or make a bucket of popcorn and watch a movie when you finish a tough task. 

You deserve it!

6. Don't let things get to you

scrabble words "thank u, next"

When we are faced with obstacles or setbacks, we often take it too much to heart.
Some people let those situations or difficulties affect them so much that they end up having a direct impact on how they view themselves - as if things happen to them because the universe is out to get them or because they don't deserve anything good.

Exactly, notice how unhealthy that sounds... That's why it's important to know how to approach these situations the right way. 

Remember to view them as they are - just normal things that happen and that are not insurmountable. Shrug your shoulders and don't let it bother you. You will surely find a way through it - which reminds me of that perfect phrase that Marie Forleo uses: "Everything is figureoutable". 

7. Couple the less enjoyable tasks with fun things

woman going for a run outside and listening to music on her phone

Even the most disciplined person can falter when faced with a very unappealing task that needs to get done.

What you can do is try to make the task more appealing. If you pair it with something really fun or positive, I promise it'll be so much easier to get through it! 

For example, working out can sometimes get boring and repetitive but if you're listening to music you love while you do it or if you go for a run somewhere with a great view, you'll end up distracting yourself from the task and the time will pass a lot quicker.

8. Find a rolemodel

mother and daughter cooking together

I believe having a rolemodel is a really good way to get inspiration! It can be someone you know, like a family member or friend who has achieved a life you wish you had, your boss or even a well-known person who you view as successful.

Learn about other people's success stories and find out how they got there. This will help you see that it is possible - if someone else did it, so can you! 

Besides, you might be able to take a page out of their book to guide you on your own path. If you know them personally, you can even ask for their advice or how they achieved everything they did.

Let their story inspire you and motivate you to achieve your goals!

9. Give yourself a break

board with the words "self care isn't selfish"

If you keep grinding without rest or taking your mind off things, you will quickly become overtired and overwhelmed. 

If you don't want to lose motivation, make sure to remember that there is more to life. Don't make it all about your goals. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed - don't give up your much-needed relaxation, socialization or holidays. Make memories, enjoy other people's company and live a little!

10. Remember that nothing's permanent

board with the words "time for change"

Things can change. You don't have to feel like you're quitting if you have realized that it is better for you or you'd prefer to pursue something else. It is okay to go in another direction if things change.

As I said before, life is about the journey. Just make sure that you're choosing change for the right reasons and not just because you are afraid or feel like you lack confidence or motivation.

So just remember that if things don't work out and you find something else that you think suits you better, you are free to change your route. Don't make yourself feel so stuck in your goals that you make yourself miserable!

11. Get a partner

two female colleagues working together

When it comes to staying focused and achieving your goals, having a partner in crime is a really great way to get motivated. 

This partner could be a colleague who is on the same path as you or a life partner who has their own life goals to achieve. 

The great thing about partnership is that you can help motivate and support each other when things are harder or even contribute to each other's journey if you're having difficulties (friends or partners can help each other out with things they have more experience or expertise in).

Believe you can and you will achieve it.

Now, I would love to know - what tends to help you stay motivated?

Do you have any tricks that work for you that I didn't mention?

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