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How to Maintain Balance While Working From Home

February 14, 2021

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Working from home has become the new norm these days. 

While it has several benefits, it also has a few drawbacks - the main one being that it is harder to separate your work from your free time or personal life.

Working in the same place where we spend our free time with family and where we sleep makes it hard to separate the two realities. It is also easier to end up working longer hours. 

So how can you establish some healthy boundaries?

1. Create a dedicated work area

When working from home, you don't really get to physically distance yourself from the office at the end of the day like you normally would by leaving the office and commuting home.

However, this separation is important so that you can really let your mind rest after a long day. 

When working from home, try to create some distance between your work and living spaces so that you can really change gears when work hours are done and to try to take your mind off things.

I know not everyone has an office space at home where one can easily hide their work area away by closing a door, but if you can, try to create a work space that is separate from the areas where you do your other daily activities on your free time.

If that isn't possible, then at least put your computer and work documents away when you're done working so that it looks like your setup has changed. That way, you will avoid catching yourself eyeing your work area and worrying about work when you're supposed to be relaxing and taking your mind off it.

2. Resist the temptation to wear your PJs all day

Even if you don't have zoom calls or meetings, make the effort to get ready in the morning - take a shower, do your skincare routine and get dressed, even if only in casual clothes.

It seriously helps to feel more awake and focused whereas if you're staying in your PJs all day, you're going to be way too comfy and end up feeling sleepy and being less productive.

There's also a psychological benefit behind it. If you're staying in all day, wearing your PJs and not taking care of yourself, you'll miss that pick-me-up that getting yourself dressed and ready for the day can give you and you'll most likely start feeling lazy and not so good about yourself, on top of all the feelings that can come with this complex situation we're facing.

3. Be mindful of your work schedule

How many people do you know that have started working crazy hours since they started working from home? Are you one of them?

When you're at home working, you most likely feel more comfortable so it's easy to lose track of time. However, rest is very important in order to stay productive and motivated during work hours. And in general, there is always more work to do - it never ends so we need to set boundaries.

So try to pay attention to the time passing by throughout the day so that you stop working at an appropriate time and enjoy your well-deserved rest. 

4. Use your free time for self-care or do something fun

This is also a great idea so that you can take your mind off work and leave all the worries 'at work'. 

Since you can't physically distance yourself from the office, plan some exciting or energizing activities to help you disconnect from work.

It will also help avoid the repetitive patterns and frustration that you might feel after working from home and staying confined for prolonged periods of time.

5. Take meal times away from your desk

Make sure to keep eating healthy and delicious food and to take your meals away from your desk! 

A good break is the best way to come back re-energized and ready to be productive and focused for the rest of your work day.

It also helps to get yourself moving after sitting down for so long. You could even go for a short walk after eating if you can!

How about you? How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance while working from home?

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