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Elegant essential basics for your fall wardrobe

October 03, 2020

elegant lady wearing a suit sitting on a park bench in Fall

Fall is officially here!

If you're thinking about putting your Fall capsule wardrobe together or if you just need to buy a few new things, I recommend that you start with the essential basics - those simple items in your wardrobe that go with everything and are the foundation of your outfits.

Looking for some refreshing options that are elegant enough for work and interesting? Well, you've come to the right place!

These elegant basics are perfect for work but can also be worn casually, if you're someone who likes to feel put together, which helps reduce the amount of clothes in your closet. 

Check out my suggestions below:

1. A Laid-back Blazer

A blazer like this one is perfect for elevating a casual outfit (it doesn't need to have ruched sleeves although they do look great and feel more comfortable in a casual look) but it will also come in very handy to layer on top of a work outfit or even to wear to a formal event, thrown over your shoulders with a dress.

2. Paperbag pants

lady wearing elegant navy paperbag pants elegant black paperbag pants                                            Boden St Ives Paperbag Pants               Express High Waisted Paperbag Ankle Pant 

The deal is the same with paperbag pants - they look very elegant because they're flowy and they tie nicely with a bow but they are also great to elevate a casual look. 

You can wear them with heels and a fancier blouse or with a basic long-sleeve tee and some flats. The fact that they're roomy makes them super comfortable even in a casual setting!

3. A Lace Top

long-sleeved blush pink lace top

A lace top is a perfect addition to any closet, in my opinion. 
It's super feminine and you will always look put together, whether you pair it with jeans, a pencil skirt or work pants. 

You can easily reach for this top whenever you want to look nice without much effort.

4. A Trench Coat

A trench coat is the perfect thin layer for Fall, as it's just enough to protect you on those windy and rainy days.

I personally think a trench coat in a statement colour can be a great way to add a pop of colour to anyone's wardrobe in an elevated way, since a trench coat is such an elegant item of clothing.

However, the classic beige or even a black version are always great  basics to have in your wardrobe!

5. A Silky/Satiny Blouse

         lady wearing an elegant white satin blouse

This type of blouse is the best top to wear when you want to look put together and it serves any purpose - dress it down with jeans for a nice dinner, dress it up with a skirt or work pants for fancier occasions or for business attire.

They are comfortable and flowy and easy to throw on without requiring much fuss - just add a few simple accessories and you're good to go!

6. Basic booties

black leather-look medium heeled booties            beige middle-heeled booties with snake print accent

                    Bruno Booties                              Poppy Snakeskin-Embossed & Leather Ankle Boots

A pair of booties with a minimal but elegant design are a very versatile pair of shoes. 

However, they don't have to be boring at all!! Certain accents such as parts with patterns like snakeskin can incorporate nicely with a basic boot and make your outfit way more trendy.

A pair of booties like the ones shown above can elevate a casual weekend look but they also pair really nicely even with a work outfit.

7. Leather pants

elegant black leather-look pants

                                      The Principle Mid Rise Vegan Leather Skinny Pants

A pair of skinny leather pants makes an outfit so much more interesting and bold while still looking polished. 

They are also very versatile. I wouldn't wear them to a formal event but you can very well wear them to a nice dinner or evening out and maybe even a casual friday at work with a nice blouse.

So, there you have it! 7 ideas of elegant basics you can use to kickstart your Fall wardrobe (be it a regular one or a capsule wardrobe).

What do you tend to reach for when you want to look more elegant? 

Personally, I always go for lace or silky blouses - I think they're such an easy way to start an outfit with a feminine elegant tone and then I can either dress them down with some jeans for a more casual weekend look or pair it with something fancier for work or a special dinner! 

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