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What the quarantine is teaching us about life (and how to use it to improve yours)

April 03, 2020

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Tough times like these really make us consider the things we take for granted on a daily basis, while rushing through life.

Times like these also heighten our anxiety and can leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Weirdly enough, it feels like this forced global quarantine is making us face the habits we have adopted in recent times and shift towards more positive and balanced options.

The daily bombardment of information and bad news, often taking the form of notifications and constant interruptions, for one, is finally making people want to disconnect from technology, to release the tension and appreciate the simple things in life - the quiet, the sun coming in through the window, the smell of the morning coffee,...

Then, the necessary shift to remote work in most companies has allowed workers to enjoy a slower, less stressful workday without having to run to and from work and will hopefully show the more conservative managers that this method of work can be productive and can benefit both parties.

The current situation is also forcing us to recognize that our lives can be turned upside down all of a sudden and everything we have worked for and have taken for granted can be gone in the blink of an eye - our freedom, our jobs, our business, our gatherings, our food, our loved ones,...

We spend so much of our lives sacrificing things in order to have a better job, more money, build a business, all the while telling ourselves we'll get around to spending time with our family and friends or, worst of all, taking care of ourselves, only to be faced with a crisis like this and realize that those things don't last and are mostly not worth it - although, granted, we all need a paycheck.

Hopefully, these trying times will steer us and our leaders towards better choices.

On that note, here are a few suggestions on how to take this time to improve the quality of your life:

1. Set rules for yourself and your family regarding technology 

Disable notifications on your news app (or remove it altogether if it's becoming too distracting or too negative).

Make 'no-tech mealtimes' a rule.

Focus on the activities you're doing without a phone in your hand - be present, be conscious.

2. Examine your routines and your daily life

Think about your daily routine and how you can make it less stressful and rushed.

Implement changes where you can to focus on self-care and enjoying time with your friends and family or even with yourself - when was the last time you took time to enjoy a hobby?

3. Use this down time for self-improvement and self-care

The fact is that we're mostly stuck at home and we can't really hang out with family and friends, which means we have a lot more unplanned free time. 

So why not finally get around to learn a new language or read that book you haven't had time to read? 

You can take an online course, try some new recipes, learn something new and have a long bubble-bath, you name it.

This will help you feel like you're using your time more productively and can also make you feel good for finally accomplishing to start or do something you've been meaning to for a while.

4. Be honest with yourself

Times like these really put things into perspective - everything in life is fleeting.

So be honest with yourself - are you really happy? Are there aspects of your life that you could change that would make you happier? 

Always had a dream or a personal project that you were too afraid to pursue? Why not try to make it happen? 

Take steps towards it - don't wait until you're 'ready'!

What have you learned during the quarantine? How are you using this time to improve your life?

- Stay safe!

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