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How to make the most of your weekends

February 26, 2016

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When the weekend finally arrives, it's time to sleep in and relax after the tiring week we've had, but also to use that free time to do things we don't have time for during the week and make the most of your weekends and holidays!

So, when Friday finally rolls around, try to take the time to plan your weekend. List the things you absolutely have to get done (any chores or commitments/appointments you have) and then the things you want to achieve or have been wanting to do (e.g. go out for dinner at the new restaurant in town, go watch a new movie at the cinema, visit a certain place, etc.).

Wake up early.

Not breaking the sleep cycle is essential. It is normal to sleep in a little on the weekends but if you manage to get out of bed earlyish you'll be able to do much more during your weekend.

You will, of course, have some weekends when you go out and will inevitably wake up later, but try not to make it a rule, since it will mess up your sleep schedules and make you drowsy during the weekend, which means you'll have less energy to get the most out of it.

Make meals special.

Sometimes, when you have lots of things to do, time flies by and meals can feel monotonous and repetitive. Why not use meal times to meet with friends? You can save time by doing two things at once! 

If you're not meeting with anyone, you can also turn a meal into a special plan by using it to try that new recipe you've been wanting to try.

If your weekend is looking like nothing special is in store, why not go to a foreign cuisine restaurant and try a different type of cuisine?

Plan something different.

Chances are, if you just wander around the house, from the sofa to the bed for the whole weekend, it won't feel very memorable and you might even feel guilty for not making the most of it.

Plan something different: a breakfast in a cool new coffee shop, go visit a museum or a garden; or go to the theatre. Whatever it may be, doing something different can break the routine and monotony and make you feel re-energized for the beginning of the next week.

Invest on your hobbies.

We often have hobbies that we don't get to work on during the week. The weekend might be a great time to do your projects.


The most important rule, as with everything, is to do what you enjoy. Don't spend the whole weekend cooped up and tidying or cleaning the house. 

Try to relax and do at least one thing that you've been meaning to do. That way, you'll feel fulfilled.

Have you planned your weekend already? I hope you have a good one!

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