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January 03, 2016

(Updated on April 29, 2020)

Do you find yourself staring at your closet every morning for quite a while, not knowing what to wear, even though you have lots of clothes in there? Do you also find yourself feeling the need to buy new clothes because you always feel like you have nothing to wear? 

If so, you probably wish you had clothes you liked and a system that helped you get dressed quickly in the morning, while making sure you still felt good about what you were wearing. And it would also help to spend a little less money on fashion...

Here are some things that I find can really help:

  • Pick out your outfits in advance:

    Pick out your outfits the night before - it will leave you more time to get ready in the morning without having to rush.

    You can also prepare various outfits before the beginning of the week. That way, when you wake up each day, you just choose whichever outfit you feel like wearing and you're good to go! 

    If you have trouble picking out your outfits and need some inspiration, there are tons of people who share their outfits online - Pinterest is great for that!

    If you need some outfit inspiration, try using my Pinterest Outfit Planners (they are Pinterest boards full of outfits to inspire you and I pin to them frequently):

              1. The Spring/Summer Outfit Planner (casual outfits);

              2. Beach and Swimwear Outfits;

              3. The Fall/Winter Outfit Planner - casual outfits;

              4. Work Closet (Outfits and essentials for a work closet);

              5. Formal Wear Outfit Planner (outfits for formal events);

              6. The Cozy at Home board (loungewear).

    You could also use one of the various closet organization apps that are out there - a lot of them allow you to add photos of your own clothes and some can even create outfits from your clothes!

    Pro tip
    : remember to check the weather for the week or the next day so you don't pick out an outfit that you'll have to change at the last minute.

  • Declutter and organize your closet:

    Sometimes, we feel like we don't have anything to wear because our closets are so stuffed and disorganized that we can't see our clothes properly.

    Every once in a while, you should reexamine what's in your closet and reduce the clutter:

    Donate the clothes that you no longer wear;
          2. Throw out the clothes that are in bad condition;
         3. Organize your closet a little better so that you can see everything you own (some people like to organize their clothes by color so they can easily pick out clothes that will match each other).

    Organizing your closet is also a great way to get a fresh start for a new season!
  • Simplify your closet:

    A good way to simplify your closet is to reduce the total amount of clothes or the number of colors you have to choose from, only keep those that you really like.

    In fact, we don't really need as many clothes as we usually have, since we tend to have our go-to pieces that we always end up wearing even though we have more choices.

    This allows you to always wear the pieces that you really like and to mix and match all of them to create various different outfits.

    And because you love those pieces so much, you always feel great in them! 

    Some people have mastered this simplification by creating what are commonly called 'capsule wardrobes'.

    If you'd like to get a ready-made capsule wardrobe that you can use for yourself, you can check out the one I made for Winter/Spring through the link above.

  • Buy less and better quality:

    Don't try to go with every trend.

    Instead, opt to buy classic staple items that you like and that fit your body shape.

    You will usually end up wearing them for longer, especially if you buy better-quality clothes.

    This will help you save lots of money in the long-run because if you have great staples that last longer, you won't have to buy so much new stuff.
  • Buy comfortable clothes:

    If you buy a piece of clothing that is uncomfortable, no matter how great it looks, you will most likely not wear it more than a few times, which will result in it being a waste of money.

    Nobody likes wearing an itchy sweater!

  • Use promotions or go to outlet stores:

    If there's a sale or a coupon deal and you need to buy a certain item, why not take advantage of it?

    Try to organize your shopping trips on sales periods – your wallet will thank you!

    Also, if you have an outlet store anywhere near you, you should really take advantage of it.

    I love these places as you can sometimes find great deals on products from expensive brands just because they're last season and didn't sell out.

    You'll have an item that’s great quality and it'll have cost you a lot less than the original price, which is totally worth it!
  • Check out the kids' section:

    If you're petite, some pieces of clothing from the kids' section will probably fit you.

    There are some great basic pieces out there that don't look like children's clothes - sometimes, there is even the same version in the adults' section.

    The plus: they're usually half the price!

Have you tried implementing any of these tips? Feel free to share any other tips you have!

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