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January 19, 2016

Forgetting something when you're going on holiday can be really stressful, especially if you go out of the country, as you might not know where to buy something if you really need it and you might just have to do without it.

That's why you should always have a list of all the essentials that you need to pack, so that nothing is left behind.

To help you with that, I decided to make some packing lists - you can download them for free and use them for your next trip.

I made three different versions of the packing list:

- A single-person list;

- A double/couples list - for you and your partner or a friend;

- A family/group list - if you're in charge of packing bags for other people (e.g. your kids) or if you'd rather just use a condensed version for everyone in the family or group that you're travelling with.

Click on the one you prefer to download it and enjoy your stress-free holidays!

Single Packing List
Couple/Double Packing List

Family Packing List

Enjoy your organized travels!

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